The Technology Inside Glide Inflatable 3.0 Paddle Boards

Glide's 3.0 Inflatable Paddle Boards are here.  Find out what sets them apart from the competition.

It All Starts at Our Core

glide inflatable paddle board

Meet AeroMatrix Elite, the drop stitch fabric that forms the heart and soul of our Glide paddle boards. Originally designed in the 1940s for collapsible fuel cells in combat aircraft, drop stitch fabric has a storied history of durability and strength. But what sets AeroMatrix Elite apart is our unique woven drop stitch technology.  AeroMatrix Elite technology ensures unmatched rigidity and extraordinary durability. Whether slicing through serene waters or tackling wild waves, your Glide board remains perfectly shaped, never bulging or dragging. It's the dependable partner you need for truly joyful adventures on the water.

Whitewater Tested Exterior

paddle board on whitewater

Born from the passion of river enthusiasts, our paddle boards are crafted with the same marine-grade PVC used in the toughest whitewater and military rafts. Why do we choose this material? Because it’s proven its mettle where it matters most—on wild rivers and in harsh conditions for decades. This isn’t just any PVC. It’s a shield against the elements, resisting wear and tear, withstanding assaults from motor oils and gasoline, and shrugging off the sun’s harsh UV rays. So, when you take your next SUP adventure, trust that your board is as ready as you are to tackle any waterway.

Radically Rugged Rails


inflatable paddle board rails

In the world of paddle boarding, the rails—the edges of your board—are critical. Often, they’re the weak link in lesser designs, especially when the pressure mounts. Not so with our boards. We’ve revolutionized durability with our triple-laminated Thermofuse rails. Each layer is fused, not glued or taped, to handle anything you throw at it. This fusion process ensures unmatched strength and reliability, giving you peace of mind as you conquer the waters. Our bomb-proof rails are the fortress that guards your adventures on the water.

Foldable US Fin Box

foldable fin box on an inflatable paddle board

Most paddlers don’t give their board’s fin box a second thought. That is, until it’s time to roll their deflated board back up or replace a lost fin. Glide’s foldable fin box allows you to roll your board up tightly once you are done paddling. Because we use a U.S. Fin Box, any longboard fin will work with your paddle board, which means you can customize your fin to your personal paddle preferences.

The fin box on a paddle board might not seem like a big deal—until you need to pack up or switch out a fin. That's where our Glide foldable fin box changes the game. It’s designed to let you roll up your board tightly with no hassle when you’re done on the water. And because it’s a universal U.S. Fin Box, it offers the flexibility to use any longboard fin you prefer. This means you can easily customize your ride to match your paddling style, ensuring a perfect fit for every adventure.

Upgraded Storage Backpack

backpack for glide inflatable paddleboards

Venture into the wild with your inflatable SUP, carried in the unmatched comfort of our upgraded storage backpack. Crafted to retain its shape thanks to the extra padding, this backpack is as stylish as it is functional. With additional side pockets, there’s plenty of room for all your essentials. Plus, we’ve reengineered the straps to ensure the backpack sits higher on your back, distributing weight more effectively and making your journey into the backcountry as comfortable as possible.

Plush Kayak Seat Included

kayak seat for inflatable paddle board

Introducing the AirThrone, a game-changing addition that transforms how you experience your paddle board. With every inflatable SUP purchase, we include this comfy kayak seat at no extra cost, ensuring you enjoy unparalleled comfort. The AirThrone is inflatable and adjustable to your preferred seating angle, ensuring every paddle stroke is a pleasure. Once you settle into the AirThrone, you might forget to stand up again. It's that comfortable, promising the most relaxing kayak experience you’ve ever had.


glide inflatable fishing paddle board

Glide paddle boards are designed with innovative technology and premium materials to ensure the best possible performance and durability. From the AeroMatrix core to the whitewater-tested exterior, and from the rugged Thermofuse rails to the foldable fin box, every detail is crafted with care. Add to that the comfort of our upgraded storage backpack and the luxury of the AirThrone kayak seat, and you have a paddle board that’s ready for any adventure. Trust Glide to provide the ultimate paddle boarding experience, whether you're cruising calm waters or conquering wild waves.