Where to paddle board

Where to paddle board
  • Sep 4, 2022

Where to Paddle Board in South Carolina

Key Highlights The Hammock Coast: Offers guided SUP tours, private lessons, and a chance to explore Atalaya Castle. Encounter alligators, sea turtles, and dolphins. Myrtle Beach: Known for its forgiving surf, ideal for beginners in SUP surfing, surrounded by playful dolphins and perfect for SUP yoga. Folly River & Beach: Enjoy mild paddling conditions and vibrant wildlife. Folly Beach is great for learning to surf and spotting dolphins, pelicans, and occasionally alligators. Murrells Inlet: A short distance from Myrtle Beach, this area is renowned for its seafood and natural beauty, making it a peaceful SUP spot away from the crowds. Shem Creek: Paddle past the Crab Bank Sea-Bird Sanctuary and support local conservation efforts while enjoying the creek's calm waters. Lake Wylie: Offers a serene experience with small coves and creeks, ideal for SUP yoga and escaping the busier waterways. Lake Murray: Described as the jewel of South Carolina, it provides beautiful sunset views, excellent fishing spots, and peaceful coves for SUP yoga. Glide sups guide on where to paddle board in South Carolina. What do you imagine when you think of South Carolina? Is it bbq, delicious vinegar-based bbq sauce? Or Hilton head island? Perhaps Myrtle beach? What about paddle boarding, local wildlife, and country music? Keep reading to go on a paddle board trip through South Carolina.

  • Aug 30, 2022

Paddle Board Near Me North Carolina

Glide sups guide on where to paddle board in North Carolina. Welcome to the guide on where to paddle board near me North Carolina. We are going to explore some of the best places to paddle board in North Carolina. To help plan a self-guided trip for paddlers of all skill levels, from the outer banks to the lakes and rivers of North Carolina, we are sure some of these will become your favorite places to explore. Let's take a brief rest get some of the famous Carolina BBQ and then begin our adventure.

  • Aug 29, 2022

Where to paddle board in Tennessee.

Key Highlights Explore Nashville by Water: Paddle board through downtown Nashville on the Cumberland River, with launch points at Shelby Park and Riverfront Park, offering stunning views and live music. Discover Percy Priest Lake: Just minutes from downtown, this lake offers tranquil waters perfect for beginners, with over 14,000 acres to explore, surrounded by nature. Adventure at Old Hickory Lake: Named after President Andrew Jackson, enjoy over 22,000 acres of water perfect for SUP yoga, camping, and exploring its extensive shoreline. Paddle Boarding in Lake Ocoee: With calm waters nestled in the Cherokee National Forest, Lake Ocoee is ideal for beginners and offers breathtaking natural scenery. Experience Kentucky Lake: The largest lake in Tennessee, known for its fishing opportunities and water sports, with paddle board rentals and tours available. Wildlife Watching at Cross Creeks National Wildlife Refuge: Paddle among tall trees and wildlife, launching from North Cross Creeks Reservoir for a scenic experience. Tackle the Tennessee River Gorge: Starting in Chattanooga, paddle through scenic trails, urban waterways, and whitewater sections for an adventurous experience. Navigate the Rapids at Hiwassee/Ocoee State Park: Ideal for thrill-seekers with stretches of Class II to IV rapids for an exhilarating paddle boarding adventure. Conquer the Tellico River: Offers a mix of challenging rapids and serene waters, suitable for experienced paddlers looking for an adrenaline rush. Glide sups guide on where to paddle board in Tennessee. When you think of Tennessee, what comes to mind? Nashville hot chicken, or does it jump to its music scene and singers like Dolly Parton or her theme park Dollywood? Perhaps the Great Smokey Mountains and the famous whiskeys of Tennessee. Does where to paddle board Tennessee come to mind? Perhaps the Tennessee river, or paddle boarding Nashville on the Cumberland River? Get your inflatable paddle boards pumped up or the hard paddle board on the car and join us on our guide to the best paddle boarding in Tennessee. Make a great trip paddling Tennessee with this guide.

  • Aug 25, 2022

Where to Paddle Board in Arkansas

Glide SUP's guide on where to paddle board in Arkansas! If you live in Arkansas, you have some epic spots to explore with your paddle board. We are going to take you through some of our favorite places for sup fishing, sup yoga and if we can find a fun river we will do some white water sup as well. And of course just general paddle boarding for fun with family, friends, and maybe even a hike or two. We are also going o highlight our favorite spot for standup paddle boarding with a dog. So join us as we stand up paddleboard through Arkansas. Key Highlights Greers Ferry Lake: Nestled in the Ozark National Forest, this lake offers 40,500 acres of clear, warm water ideal for SUP fishing, hiking, and exploring hidden coves and islands. Don't miss the breathtaking views from Sugar Loaf Mountain Island. Buffalo National River: As the first national river, it offers a pristine natural setting for paddleboarding. With outfitters providing gear for all levels, enjoy wildlife spotting and navigating through Class I and II rapids on the 02 Lochsa white water SUP. The Arkansas River: Flowing through Little Rock, this river combines urban scenery with natural beauty. It's perfect for a varied SUP experience, from white water to calm, leisurely paddling. Beaver Lake: Known for its popularity and accessibility, Beaver Lake offers lessons, SUP yoga classes, and over 2,800 square acres of water to explore. It's close to Rogers and Eureka Springs, allowing for a combined SUP and hot springs adventure. Little Maumelle River: Launch from Two Rivers Park for a scenic paddle towards Pinnacle Mountain, with stunning views of the Big Dam Bridge and I-430 Bridge. This river offers a serene paddleboarding experience near Little Rock.

  • Aug 23, 2022

Where to Paddle Board in Oklahoma

Key Highlights Lake Texoma: Known for its vast open water and rich striped bass fishing. Ideal for SUP yoga and wildlife enthusiasts. Lake Eufaula: Oklahoma's largest lake, offering tranquil coves for beginners and scenic spots for SUP yoga and racing. Broken Bow Lake: A picturesque destination for a paddle boarding vacation, known for its clear waters and serene environment. Lake Hefner: Conveniently located in Oklahoma City, requires a city boating permit but offers unique cityscape views. Lake Overholser: Offers calmer waters perfect for beginners, with city permit access for hassle-free paddle boarding. The Arkansas River: A versatile river adventure for all levels, from tranquil fishing to exhilarating whitewater SUP. Oologah Lake: Close to Tulsa, this lake provides extensive shoreline and is popular for its paddle board rentals and lessons. Glidesup's Guide on Where to paddle board in Oklahoma! Are you wondering where to go paddle boarding in Oklahoma? We are going to talk about some of the gems Oklahoma has to offer when it comes to outdoor activities in Oklahoma that include paddle boarding. For those living in Oklahoma, you have many places to explore from state parks to the boathouse district.

  • Aug 21, 2022

Where to Paddle Board In Colorado

Key Highlights Bear Creek Lake Park: A beginner-friendly spot with low wake speeds, perfect for tranquil paddle boarding sessions. Blue Mesa Reservoir: Offers 96 miles of shoreline and clear waters for SUP fishing, yoga, and exploration. Elk Creek Marina provides rentals and dining options. Grand Lake: The largest natural lake in Colorado, offering deep waters surrounded by breathtaking mountain scenery. Rentals available for those without boards. McIntosh Lake: A non-motorized watercraft only lake, making it ideal for beginners, SUP yoga, and fishing. Quail Lake: A peaceful lake in Colorado Springs, prohibiting motorized vehicles, and popular for SUP yoga and fishing. Evergreen Lake: Known for its beauty and as a serene SUP yoga destination. Also popular for weddings due to its picturesque setting. Horsetooth Reservoir: Supports a variety of water sports and offers camping and wildlife viewing. An entrance fee is required. Rocky Mountain National Park: Ideal for adventurous paddlers with inflatable boards to explore high-altitude lakes. Sloan's Lake: Offers paddle boarding with a view of the Denver skyline. Motor boating is allowed, but jet skis are not. Gross Reservoir: Provides a serene paddle boarding experience with rugged scenery and restrictions on motor boat size. Colorado Whitewater Parks: Over 8 parks available for river surfing, from beginner-friendly spots to advanced waves like Glenwood Springs Whitewater Park. Colorado River: Recommended near Glenwood Springs for beautiful scenery and proximity to whitewater parks. Cherry Creek Reservoir: A family-friendly location with white sand beaches, camping, rentals, and live music events at the Pelican Bay Marina. Paddle Board Spots in Colorado Are you looking for a place to paddle board near you? Check out this article for more ideas on finding places to paddle board near you. For Colorado check out these unique spots to paddle board in colorado. Plan ahead and let's explore the natural lakes, rivers, and reservoirs of Colorado.

  • Jul 28, 2022

Where to paddle board in Nevada?

What comes to mind when you think of Nevada? The valley of fire state park? Casinos on the strip, vast desert landscapes? The hoover dam and las vegas? What about paddle boarding, fun under the sun and calm waters, wild horses, lakes, and water sports on a short trip? Or Burning man? Join us and find some incredible spots to stand up paddleboard in Nevada. Key Highlights Lake Tahoe, Nevada: Discover paddle boarding in Crystal Bay and Zephyr Cove, offering stunning views and clear waters in the nation's largest alpine lake. Sup at Crystal Bay: Launch from Incline Village for clear waters and cooler temperatures, ideal for an unforgettable paddling experience. Sup at Zephyr Cove: Enjoy warmer waters, family-friendly beaches, and easy access to Lake Tahoe's beauty. A must-visit for any paddle boarder. Lake Las Vegas: Just 20 minutes from the strip, this 320-acre lake offers SUP yoga, calm waters, and convenient amenities. The Carson River: For a river adventure, choose between a beginner-friendly 3.5-mile paddle or the 14-mile Carson River Aquatic Trail. Pyramid Lake: Nevada's largest natural lake features unique wildlife, fishing opportunities, and is perfect for beginners and families. Cold Lakes: Escape to these secluded glacial tarns for a peaceful paddle boarding experience amidst breathtaking scenery.

  • Jul 27, 2022

Where to Paddleboard in Arizona

What do you think of when you think of Arizona? Vast skies that want to bake you like a cookie? Scenes for western movies, and sunsets. Night skies filled with endless stars and Saguaro cactus and air conditioning? What about the 128 some odd lakes and reservoirs located throughout Arizona? Lake Havasu or Lake Powell? The hot desert sun that wants to bake you like a cookie also does a great job of keeping the waters pleasant and refreshing without feeling like a polar bear plunge challenge.

  • Jul 26, 2022

Where to Paddle Board in New Mexico?

New Mexico has some lakes that are absolutely stunning and is one of the states that you will not want to miss planning a sup trip. From the beautiful desert flora and local red stone cliffs to bird watching New Mexico has something to offer everyone, From sup yoga, sup fishing, white water sup, and ufo watching who knows what adventures you will find in New Mexico?

  • Jul 26, 2022

Where to paddle board in Florida?

When you think of Florida what comes to mind? I asked this to some friends and some of what they mentioned was Margaritaville, the Florida keys, swamps, Florida man, awesome sandy beaches, swamps, gators, and snakes. Everglades, manatees, fishing and paddle boards, and more manatees. We are going to explore some of the best places to go paddle boarding in Florida. As always quality matters and this is where Glides ultra durable boards come in so you can go paddle boarding without worry. Key Highlights Crystal River to Three Sister Springs: A must-visit for clear waters and manatee encounters. Launch from Hunter Springs Park or Crystal River Kayak and Dive Center for best access. Everglades National Park: Paddle through America's largest tropical wilderness, home to endangered species and offering a disconnect from the digital world. Ten Thousand Islands: Explore mangroves, pioneer homes, and wildlife like loggerhead sea turtles and dolphins in this national wildlife refuge. Coastal Dune Lakes: Unique ecosystems that blend freshwater lakes with Gulf of Mexico's salty waves, perfect for SUP yoga, fishing, and surfing. Dry Tortugas National Park: An isolated paradise accessible only by seaplane or boat, featuring crystal-clear waters, historic forts, and vibrant coral reefs. Key West: Paddle through the diverse channels, over the protected coral reefs, and alongside an amazing assortment of wildlife. The Rainbow River: Known for its crystal clear waters and scenic beauty, it's ideal for paddlers of all levels, offering a tranquil SUP yoga spot.

  • Jul 22, 2022

Where to Paddle Board in Texas?

When one thinks of Texas places to paddle board may not be the first thing to come to mind. Cattle, oil derricks, pump jacks, cowboys, rodeos, and Walker Texas Ranger are some of the things that pop into a lot of people's thoughts when they think of Texas. Texas offers paddle boarders some amazing spots for this fastest growing sport. From a river, to calm waters on a multitude of flat water lakes or do some sup surfing.

  • Jul 21, 2022

Where to Paddleboard in Louisiana?

When people hear the name Louisiana, many things often come to mind. The city of New Orleans, swamps, alligators, marshes, and bayous. Beignets, Cafe Du Monde, and mardi gras even if it did originate in Alabama. Although paddle boarding Louisiana may not be one of the first thoughts. And that is a shame as taking a sup through Louisiana is a fun adventure with many miles of water, trails, and forest to navigate through and let the beauty of the land immerse you. Key Highlights Bayou Bartholomew: Discover the longest bayou in North America with a scenic 8-mile paddle in Morehouse Parish. Paddleboard through ancient cypress swamps and explore a "castle" tree. Barataria Preserve Trails: Over 20,000 acres of land, home to 300 species of birds and alligators. Offers dedicated launch sites for easy access to swamps and marshes. Bayou Segnette State Park: A wildlife haven perfect for SUP adventures and fishing. The park also features unique floating cabins for a memorable stay. Lake Pontchartrain: Home to the world's longest continuous bridge over water. Offers a vast area for paddleboarding, SUP fishing, and wildlife spotting. Grand Isle: A barrier island with opportunities for bird watching, catching waves in the Gulf of Mexico, and exploring beautiful beaches in Grand Isle State Park.

  • Jul 21, 2022

Where to Paddle Board in Mississippi

Mississippi has many great places to go out in a sup or get out the sup fishing board for some great catches. Paddle boarding down the Mississippi River with thoughts of Huck Finn or dreaming of taking a rest on the beach of ocean springs? Whatever you want to do we bet Mississippi has what you are looking for, did someone say riverboat casino? Yes one of those could be one of the destinations on this paddleboard adventure. Key Highlights Lake Pickwick: Stretches across Mississippi, Alabama, and Tennessee, offering excellent fishing opportunities and beautiful state parks for camping. Yazoo River: A peaceful 5-mile paddle through rich woods, perfect for fishing, relaxing, or camping on a sandbar, with wildlife sightings along the way. Ross Barnett Reservoir: Boasts 105 miles of shoreline and beaches, ideal for SUP fishing with reports of monster-sized catches. Okatibbee Lake: A quieter lake with diverse wildlife, making it perfect for SUP yoga or nature exploration, with ample amenities for day trips and camping. Front Beach/Ocean Springs: Known for its laid-back vibe and paddleboarding facilities, making it family-friendly and accessible for beginners. Ship Island: Offers clear waters and soft sand beaches, accessible by ferry, with dolphin sightings common during the paddle. Deer Island: A preserved, undeveloped island close to the coast, ideal for spotting endangered species and overnight camping under the stars. Mississippi River: Challenges paddlers with its swift currents and massive size, offering awe-inspiring views and a sense of adventure. Biloxi: A coastal city offering beach relaxation and paddleboarding in the Gulf, with attractions like riverboat casinos for post-paddle entertainment.

  • Jul 20, 2022

Where to Paddle Board in Alabama

Key Highlights Lake Nicol: A tranquil no-wake zone near Tuscaloosa, ideal for swimming and paddle boarding away from motorboat traffic, with stunning 60-foot bluffs. Lake Shelby: A spring-fed lake with saltwater species, offering piers for fishing and picnic areas within Gulf State Park. Dog River: Offers easy launch spots for a scenic paddle into Mobile Bay, perfect for viewing a wide assortment of boats and marine life. Mobile Bay: Known for sup fishing and adventures, paddle to the USS Alabama for a unique blend of history and nature exploration. Fairhope: Enjoy beautiful sunsets and excellent sup fishing off a quarter-mile-long pier, set in a friendly small-town atmosphere. Gulf Shores: Offers epic fishing and picturesque paddle boarding through white sand beaches, with warm tropical water temperatures in summer. Lake Martin to Goat Island: Features restaurants accessible by SUP and a unique island experience, though beware of crowded channels. Dauphin Island: A haven for wildlife enthusiasts, paddle among dolphins and enjoy the island's pristine white beaches. Paddle boarding Alabama Paddle boarding in Alabama is easy to find with its surface being about one-sixth of water, so there's an abundance of places to grab a sup and go for a unique paddle board experience. From Dauphin Island on the Gulf Coast to Lake Guntersville in the north, Those new to suping can find tranquil waters and beautiful surroundings throughout the state. And for more experienced paddlers who prefer to surf ocean waves or do some saltwater fishing, Alabama also boasts close to 60 miles of the Gulf Coast shoreline.

  • Jul 20, 2022

Where to SUP in Washington State?

Dramatic views and landscapes just might take your breath away, if you decide to sup Washington State. From ice blue glacier water to rugged coasts, secret caves, and majestic rivers fed from snow-capped mountains, this is a dream location for sup paddlers to explore. It is sure to bring a smile to outdoor enthusiasts and nature lovers so let’s get to planning your next sup adventure in Washington. Some of these locations will require a day pass to sup or an area use fee to sup and enjoy. That being said Washington has some best stand up paddleboarding in the pacific northwest. The beautiful beaches and secret beaches, and the mountain backdrop of the Olympic mountains makes these superb paddle spots ideal for outdoor enthusiasts. So let's start paddle boarding Washington state! Key Highlights Lake Lenore's Natural Beauty: Explore the steep basalt canyon walls and pristine waters of Lake Lenore, a haven for SUP fishing enthusiasts targeting Lahontan cutthroat trout. Wildlife Watching at Yakima River Canyon: Paddle amidst majestic eagles, falcons, and big horn sheep in the state's hidden gem with the highest concentration of majestic birds. Adventure at Deception Pass: Experience saltwater rapids or enjoy calm paddling in Bowman Bay, perfect for wildlife encounters and SUP beginners. Urban Paddling on Lake Union: Dive into the heart of Seattle for a unique SUP experience, offering yoga, fishing, and social paddling with cityscape views. Tranquil Waters of Lake Sammamish: Ideal for SUP beginners and yoga, the calm waters and sunken forest provide a serene paddling experience. Encountering Orcas in San Juan Islands: Navigate the waters among resident orca pods for an unforgettable SUP adventure in one of the best wildlife watching spots. Discovery Park's Puget Sound Access: Paddle into Puget Sound from Discovery Park, enjoying sightings of baby seals, bald eagles, and a diverse bird population. Whitewater Thrills on Wenatchee River: For those seeking excitement, the Wenatchee River offers manageable rapids and is dog-friendly, perfect for adventurous paddlers. Beginner-Friendly Lake Washington: With calm waters and stunning views of Mt. Rainer, it's an ideal spot for beginners to explore and enjoy SUP.

  • Jul 14, 2022

SUP Causey Reservoir

Key Highlights Directions to Causey Reservoir: Exit 12th Street in Ogden and follow the route through Ogden Canyon and Pineview Reservoir. State Highway 39 leads directly to Causey, making it an easily accessible destination from Salt Lake City. Safety First: All paddleboarders must have a USCG-approved life vest. Options include modern, lightweight designs for comfort and safety. Boating and Fishing: While motorized boats are rare, they are permitted at a wakeless speed. Fishing is a popular activity, with regulations allowing for underwater spearfishing. Alcohol Prohibition: To ensure a family-friendly environment, alcohol is not allowed on or around Causey Reservoir. Launch Points and Activities: Skull Crack offers easy access for SUP, surrounded by trails for hiking, opportunities for cliff jumping, and wildlife viewing. Accessibility and Camping: The area is open year-round, though winter access may be limited. While camping at the reservoir is prohibited, nearby campgrounds offer accommodations. Directions to Causey reservoir: Exit 12th Street in Ogden and head west up Ogden Canyon. Once in Ogden Valley, take the road following the south side of Pineview Reservoir. Take a right on State Highway 39 and follow until you get to Causey. Causey reservoir is about an hour from the salt lake city airport. And is a hidden gem here in Utah. And is fairly easy to find and sup.