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Ever found yourself scrolling through options for the perfect fishing SUP? Let me stop you right there. If you’ve laid your eyes on the Glide o2 Angler, congratulations—you’ve just discovered the pinnacle of fishing paddle boards. Designed with the expertise of professional paddleboarders and seasoned anglers, the Glide Angler is the epitome of what a fishing SUP should be.


Key Highlights

  1. Superior Stability and Size: At 11 feet long and 36 inches wide with a flat bottom, the Glide Angler offers unmatched stability for all fishing activities.
  2. High Weight Capacity: A robust weight limit of 500lbs allows for the carrying of extensive gear and catch without compromising on performance.
  3. Versatility: Ideal for fishing, the Glide Angler also offers great experiences in paddleboarding, snorkeling, and even as a platform for fun with pets.
  4. Fishing-Specific Features: Comes equipped with everything an angler needs, including removable fins, multiple D-rings, storage options, and rod holders, making it ready for any expedition.
  5. Inclusive Package: The board package includes a backpack with wheels, adjustable fiberglass paddle, rod holders, a leash, a high-capacity pump, a fin, a repair kit, a kayak seat, and a carry strap for convenience and value.
  6. Benefits Over Kayaks: Provides an elevated view for better fish spotting, versatility for enjoyment beyond fishing, and a design that's companion-friendly.

Key Features of the Glide Angler Fishing Paddle Board:

  • Stability and Size: At 11' long and 36" wide with a flat bottom design, the Glide Angler provides unparalleled stability, making it ideal for both fly fishing and standard paddle board fishing.
  • High Weight Capacity: With a robust weight limit of 500lbs, this board effortlessly accommodates you, your gear, and your catch, ensuring a hassle-free fishing experience.
  • Versatility: Beyond fishing, the Glide Angler serves as a fantastic platform for paddleboarding adventures, snorkeling, and even as a fun day out with pets.
  • Fishing-Specific Features: Equipped with removable center fins, multiple D-rings, generous front and rear storage, gear mounts compatible with Scotty mounts, and two versatile rod holders, this board is ready for any fishing expedition.
  • Inclusive Package: The Angler comes with a backpack with wheels, an adjustable fiberglass paddle, two rod holders, a leash, a high-capacity pump, a fin, a repair kit, a kayak seat, and a carry strap, offering great value and convenience.
glide fishing paddle board

Why Choose a Fishing Paddle Board Over a Kayak?

  • Elevated View: Standing on a SUP offers a superior vantage point for sight fishing compared to the lower perspective of a kayak, significantly enhancing your ability to spot fish.
  • Versatility and Enjoyment: The Glide Angler not only excels in providing a top-notch fishing platform but also delivers on the fun aspect of paddleboarding, making it a versatile choice for water enthusiasts.
  • Companion Friendly: The spacious design comfortably accommodates additional passengers, like your dog, making it a more social and enjoyable fishing experience.

What's Included:

The Angler Fishing Paddle Board package is comprehensive, including everything needed to get on the water quickly and efficiently. From the backpack with rolling wheels for easy transport to the kayak seat and high-capacity pump, Glide has thought of everything to enhance your fishing and paddleboarding experience.

glide fishing paddle board


For those who had wondered about a fishing kayak we have included a kayak seat with the Glide Angler fishing setup. Although you may want to pick up one of our amazing coolers that also serve as a seat, available in multiple colors. Sup accessories can be found here. To learn more about the Glide Angler check our website or this article, our blog also has sup fishing tips and a beginner's guide on how to fish from a paddle board.

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The Glide o2 Angler represents the pinnacle of fishing paddle boards, offering stability, versatility, and a suite of features designed specifically for anglers. Whether you're fly fishing, enjoying a leisurely day on the water, or embarking on a fishing adventure with friends or pets, the Glide Angler promises to elevate your experience. This holiday season, take advantage of the special sale and discover why the Glide Angler is celebrated in fishing paddle board reviews as the best choice on the market.

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