Quest for the Best: Glide's Unrivaled Touring Paddle Boards

The Glide Quest Touring paddle board series has carved its niche as the unparalleled choice for paddle boarding enthusiasts seeking to blend speed, stability, and adventure. This lineup, renowned for its lightweight construction and exemplary performance, stands as a testament to Glide's commitment to excellence in the realm of touring paddle boards.


Key Highlights

  1. Unmatched Performance with the Glide Quest Solid Touring Board: Delve into the design and functionality of the Glide Quest Solid Touring Board, showcasing its versatility in sup racing and touring with a sleek profile for superior stability and efficiency.

  2. Distinctive Design Features: Highlight the Quest's US-style fin box, full-length premium deck pad, and recessed deck, which together deliver unparalleled comfort and performance on the water.

  3. Innovation with the Glide Quest 02 Inflatable Board: Explore the cutting-edge features of the Glide Quest 02 Inflatable Touring Board, combining speed with the convenience of portability in an inflatable design.

  4. Comprehensive Package for Explorers: Review the holistic paddling experience provided by Glide, including a travel-friendly backpack, high-performance paddle, SUP pump, center fin, repair kit, and additional amenities like a kayak seat and carry strap.

  5. Durability and Capacity: Emphasize the military-grade PVC construction of the Quest 02 and its impressive 400 lbs weight limit, ready to support all your adventure gear.

  6. Mastering the Elements with Glide: Whether opting for a solid or inflatable model, the Glide Quest series is engineered to tackle various water conditions, proving ideal for every adventurer's skill level.

  7. A Commitment to Quality and Adventure: Reflect on Glide's dedication to fostering a community of adventurers through superior craftsmanship, sustainability, and innovation in paddle board design.

  8. The Glide Difference: Understand what sets the Glide Quest Touring boards apart, from their exceptional design and performance to Glide's commitment to environmental sustainability and cutting-edge technology.

The Quest for Unmatched Performance

The Glide Quest Solid Touring Paddle Board

At the heart of the lineup is the original Glide Quest Solid Touring paddle board, a marvel of design that harmonizes speed with functionality. Its popularity stems from its versatility—it excels in sup racing without the need for a specialized race board and adeptly accommodates overnight gear for extensive touring. With its sleek profile, including a 12'6" length and a 30" width, it offers exceptional stability and efficiency on the water.

touring paddle board

The Distinctive Design Features

Key to the Quest's acclaim is its US-style fin box, featuring a removable center fin that enhances straight-line tracking and performance. Coupled with a full-length premium deck pad and a recessed deck, it delivers comfort and stability uncommon in traditional touring paddle boards.

paddle board with a child

As seen above the Glide Quest is a great board for fitness paddling that can include the whole family.

Adjustable paddle better than a red paddle no carbon fiber side rails on the inflatable sup although has repair kit.

Glide Quest 02 Inflatable Touring Board

Expanding the horizons of inflatable touring SUPs, the Glide Quest 02 stands as a beacon of innovation. It promises the exhilaration of exploration without compromise, blending speed with the unmatched convenience of an inflatable. Its design, characterized by a narrow nose and a pin tail, ensures it remains one of the fastest inflatable boards available.

Comprehensive Package for the Explorer

Glide's commitment to providing a holistic paddling experience is evident in the comprehensive package accompanying the Quest 02, which includes:

  • A travel-friendly backpack with rolling wheels
  • A high-performance adjustable paddle
  • A high-capacity SUP pump
  • A center fin and a repair kit
  • Additional amenities like a kayak seat and a carry strap

This board's durability is underscored by its military-grade PVC construction and an impressive weight limit of 400 lbs, ensuring it can accommodate all your adventure gear.

Displacement hull, life jacket and carbon paddle all you need with these thinner boards.Includes a lighter paddle, fiberglass paddle fun for advanced paddlers kayak seat included although no life jacket

Mastering the Elements with Glide

Whether you choose the solid or inflatable model, the Glide Quest series promises a paddle boarding experience that transcends conventional expectations. Its boards are meticulously designed to tackle everything from serene lakes to challenging rivers, making them ideal companions for adventurers at every skill level.

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A Commitment to Quality and Adventure

Glide's philosophy centers around not just creating superior paddle boards but fostering a community of adventurers. The Quest lineup is a reflection of this ethos, inviting paddlers to embark on journeys that push the limits of exploration and endurance.

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The Glide Difference

What sets the Glide Quest Touring boards apart is not just their exceptional design and performance but also Glide's dedication to sustainability and innovation. Each board is a culmination of expert craftsmanship, designed to offer paddlers an unparalleled journey on the water.

Conclusion: The Quest Awaits

The Glide Quest Touring paddle boards stand as a testament to what's possible when performance, design, and passion converge. Whether you're racing against the current, embarking on a multi-day adventure, or simply exploring the beauty of the waters around you, the Quest lineup is your gateway to unforgettable experiences.

Embrace the call of the waters with Glide Quest Touring SUPs, and let every stroke take you closer to the adventures you've always dreamed of.

The Glide Quest lineup not only sets the standard for touring paddle boards but also invites you to redefine your boundaries and explore the vast, thrilling world of water sports. With Glide, every paddle is a promise of adventure, every journey an opportunity to discover the extraordinary.