How to choose the right paddle board?

The right deciosn every time is Glide Paddle Boards.

Key Highlights:

  1. Inflatable vs. Solid Paddle Boards: Explore the benefits of inflatable SUPs for ease of transport and storage, and the superior performance of solid paddle boards in the water.
  2. Glide's Fusion Technology: Discover the advanced construction of Glide's inflatable boards, offering durability and stability for all skill levels and activities.
  3. Versatility for Every Paddler: Whether you're into SUP yoga, long-distance paddles, or wave riding, Glide has a board for every preference and activity.
  4. Durability and Performance: Glide Paddle Boards are built to last, with solid boards offering a traditional feel and inflatable options providing convenience without compromise.
  5. Choosing Your Board: Considerations for selecting the right paddle board, including your main activities, storage capabilities, and whether you prefer an inflatable or solid board.


Choosing the perfect paddle board can feel like navigating through a sea of endless options, but with Glide Paddle Boards, the decision becomes effortless. Here at Glide, we take pride in offering a range of top-tier, ultra-durable paddle boards that stand out for their performance and reliability. Whether you're a beginner just dipping your toes into the waters of paddleboarding or an experienced paddler looking for an upgrade, Glide has the ideal board to match your aspirations and adventures.

The Appeal of Inflatable SUP Boards

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Inflatable SUPs (iSUPs) are a fantastic choice for paddlers valuing convenience without compromising on performance. Their ease of storage and transport makes them a go-to for city dwellers, adventurers on the move, or anyone short on space. Glide's inflatable boards, featuring Fusion technology and multi-layer military-grade PVC with a woven drop stitch core, offer unmatched durability and stability. From serene SUP yoga sessions to exhilarating long-distance paddles, our iSUPs, equipped with removable fins and high weight capacity, cater to every activity and skill level.

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Glide's Fusion Technology: The Heart of Our iSUPs

Glide's Fusion technology is what sets our inflatable boards apart. This advanced construction results in a lighter, more robust iSUP that can handle anything from calm lakes to challenging rapids. Models like the Glide Quest showcase the pinnacle of our design, providing speed and efficiency that rival solid boards, ensuring you can cover vast distances with minimal effort.

Solid Paddle Boards: Built for Durability and Performance

For those leaning towards the traditional feel of solid paddle boards, Glide offers a selection that spans from agile river runners to sleek touring models. While solid boards require a bit more consideration regarding transport and storage, their performance in the water is undeniable. Glide's solid paddle boards are renowned for their resilience and ability to glide effortlessly, offering a smooth ride across various water conditions.

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Choosing Your Glide Paddle Board

When deciding between a solid and inflatable board, consider your main activities, storage and transport capabilities, and personal preferences. Glide's extensive range ensures there's a board for every paddler, from the tranquil yoga enthusiast to the adrenaline-seeking explorer.

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What ever brand or board you choose we at Glide hope you are having a blast. Let is know at #glidesup on Instagram.

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