Paddle Boarding for Everyone: Why An All Around Board is the Perfect Choice!

Paddleboarding, with its thrilling blend of adventure and tranquility, has captivated hearts globally. Among the spectrum of boards, the versatile all-around paddle board stands out as a beacon for enthusiasts at every level. Whether you're skimming tranquil lakes or braving ocean waves, discover the unparalleled benefits of the all-around SUP (Stand Up Paddleboard) and how it can elevate your water adventures.

Key Highlights

  1. Unrivaled Versatility: All-around paddle boards are designed to excel in a variety of conditions, making them suitable for every type of water adventure.

  2. The Inflatable Advantage: Discover the convenience, durability, and performance benefits that inflatable SUPs bring to your paddling experience.

  3. Choosing Your All-Around SUP: Learn how to select the perfect all-around board by considering factors like length, width, thickness, and additional features.

  4. Glide Paddle Boards Excellence: Glide Paddle Boards stands out with their Retro lineup, offering superior construction and performance for an unmatched paddling experience.

  5. Embracing the All-Around SUP Lifestyle: An all-around SUP is more than just a board; it's a key to a lifestyle of adventure, fitness, and exploration on the water.

  6. Getting Started with Your All-Around Board: Tips for beginners to quickly get up and paddling, including selecting the right conditions, proper inflation, and effective paddling techniques.

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What Makes an All-Around Paddle Board the Ideal Choice?

An all-around SUP is your ticket to a world where water conditions dictate not limits but possibilities. Engineered for stability and adaptability, these boards thrive in a myriad of environments—from serene lakes to the playful ocean surf. They're the Swiss Army knife of paddleboards: equally suited for the beginner finding their balance as for the seasoned paddler seeking diversity. But the allure doesn't stop at versatility. Inflatable SUPs, in particular, offer unmatched convenience and durability. Imagine a board as rigid as its solid counterpart yet lightweight enough to accompany you on every adventure, resilient through every bump and scrape.

The Inflatable Advantage: Why Go All-Around Inflatable?

The rise of the inflatable SUP has been meteoric, thanks to its synthesis of performance and portability. These marvels of design, often crafted from tough, drop-stitch material, inflate to such rigidity that they rival hard boards in stability and glide. Their lightness simplifies transport, inviting paddlers to explore distant waters without the logistical headache. Plus, the affordability of high-quality inflatable boards democratizes the joy of paddleboarding, ensuring the thrill of the paddle is within reach of more adventurers.

Selecting Your All-Around Champion

Choosing the right all-around SUP involves a mix of personal preference and practical considerations. Length, width, and thickness play pivotal roles in board performance, affecting everything from speed to stability. Opt for an 11’ board for a balance between agility and tracking, and prioritize width and thickness for enhanced buoyancy and stability. Construction quality, weight capacity, and additional features like removable fins and cargo bungees further tailor the board to your unique paddling style.

Glide Paddle Boards lead the pack with their Retro lineup, marrying the resilience of military-grade PVC in their inflatables with the sleek performance of fiberglass in their hard boards. Each board is a testament to the brand's commitment to quality, designed to bring out the best in every paddler.

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Embracing the All-Around SUP Lifestyle

The decision to choose an all-around paddleboard is a declaration of independence from the confines of specialized boards. It's a choice for versatility, for the freedom to float where the water calls you—from the gentle embrace of a calm lake to the exhilarating challenge of ocean waves. It's an invitation to transform every outing into an adventure, whether you're yoga-posing at sunrise or fishing at dusk.

With an all-around SUP, you're not just purchasing a board; you're unlocking a lifestyle. A lifestyle where fitness meets fun, where explorations abound, and where every paddle stroke writes a story of adventure, relaxation, and discovery.

Paddleboarding is more than a sport—it's a journey, a way to connect with nature, and a path to finding your balance, both literally and metaphorically. And at the heart of this journey is the all-around SUP, a board that's as diverse and dynamic as the paddlers it supports. Whether you're gliding through a misty morning on a quiet lake or catching waves under a blazing sunset, an all-around paddle board is your steadfast companion, ready to turn every venture into a vivid memory.

In a world that moves fast, paddleboarding invites you to slow down, to sync with the rhythm of the water, and to discover the boundless joy that comes from standing atop your own slice of the world, paddle in hand, horizon in sight. So, why wait? Dive into the world of all-around SUPs and let your paddleboarding adventure begin.

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One of the great things about stand up paddle boarding is how quick and easy it is to get started! Even complete beginners can be up and paddling in no time. Follow these tips when taking your all around board out for the first few times: Check out this article as well, you got new board now what?

1. Find a calm, flat body of water without waves or current for your first few sessions. Slow moving lakes, rivers or bays are ideal to gain comfort paddling.

2. Use the included high pressure hand pump to inflate your board to the recommended PSI (15 PSI is standard). This will make it very rigid. Use a manometer to check.

3. Attach the fin or fin system - slide in the appropriate configuration for your day's paddling.

4. Wear your leash at all times in case you fall into the water. The ankle leash will keep you tethered to the board.

5. Hold the paddle vertically and keep your core engaged when standing on the board. Take long, full strokes. Relax your knees and ride any wobbles.

6. Start paddling in shallow water to get used to balancing. Once stable, head out into deeper water at a relaxed pace.

7. When done, allow time for your board to dry fully before rolling up and stowing away.