Paddle Boarding for Everyone: Why An All Around Board is the Perfect Choice!

Paddle boarding has seen a huge surge in popularity in recent years. With good reason - it's an incredibly fun and satisfying way to enjoy the water. One of the great things about paddle boarding is that it is accessible to paddlers of all ages and skill levels. While specialized boards exist for different activities like surfing and racing, a versatile all around paddle board is the ideal choice for most paddlers. Keep reading to learn why an all around paddle board is such a great option and discover how to choose the perfect board for you.

What is An All Around Paddle Board?

An all around paddle board, also called an all around SUP (stand up paddle board), is a board designed to perform well in a variety of conditions. All around SUPs are stable, durable and designed to handle flat water, waves, and light touring. This makes them an excellent choice for paddlers who want to use their board in a variety of settings - inland lakes, rivers, oceans, surf, or calm bays. All around boards offer more versatility than a specialty board designed just for surfing or racing. Their enhanced stability also makes them ideal for beginner paddlers and paddlers of all skill levels. With an all around board, you can paddle in all kinds of bodies of water and conditions while improving core strength and balance.

Benefits of An All Around Inflatable SUP.

Inflatable SUP boards have become incredibly popular in recent years - and for good reason! Inflatable paddle boards offer a number of advantages over traditional solid boards. Most inflatable SUPs are made out of very durable and rigid drop-stitch material. This makes inflatable paddle boards almost as rigid as solid boards once inflated to the proper PSI. Inflatable SUPs are lighter than solid boards, making them much easier to transport and store when deflated. Their portability allows you to take them camping, on trips, or pack them in your car. Inflatable boards are also far more durable than solid boards. Their flexible construction enables them to bounce back from bumps and crashes while solid boards can ding or crack.

Another major perk of inflatable SUP boards is their affordability. Inflatable boards cost significantly less than solid boards, with many high-quality options under $1000. This makes stand up paddle boarding more accessible for those looking to get into the sport without breaking the bank. Glide Paddle Boards utilize advanced fusion technology to create incredibly lightweight yet robust inflatable boards that rival solid boards in performance. While solid boards still have a place for professional racers or hardcore surfers, inflatable boards strike the best balance for all around recreational paddling.

When it comes to versatility, an all around inflatable paddle board is tough to beat. Their enhanced stability and inflatable construction make them the perfect choice for paddlers of all skill levels and conditions. From flat water to small waves, an all around inflatable performs admirably across the board. They are stable enough for beginners and even activities likeSUP yoga, yet still maneuverable for more advanced paddlers. Their lightweight design and ability to roll up when deflated make inflatable SUP boards extremely portable - move from beach to river to lake with ease. For these reasons, an inflatable all around SUP is arguably the most versatile paddle board option.

Choosing the Right All Around SUP Board.

Once you've decided if an inflatable all around paddle board is the right choice or a hard paddle board is the choice for you, it's time to select the best board for your needs. Here are the key factors to consider when choosing an all around inflatable SUP:

Length - All around inflatable boards typically range from 10’ to 12’ long. Longer boards 12’ and up are faster and track better in a straight line. Shorter boards under 11’ are more maneuverable and easier to turn. For all around use, 11’ is a great middle ground.

Width - Wider boards are more stable, while narrower boards are faster and more agile. Look for boards 32-34” wide for stability without sacrificing too much speed.

Thickness - Thicker boards float higher, are more rigid, and can support more weight. 4-6” thick boards are ideal for all around recreational use.

Construction - Military grade PVC or drop stitch construction makes for the most durable inflatable boards. Look for boards with multiple air chambers for safety.

Maximum weight capacity - Make sure to get a board that can support your weight and gear. Boards with capacities of 350-400+ pounds work for most paddlers.

Fins - Removable fins allow you to customize your setup. Look for a 3 fin system for versatility or options to add a kayak seat.

Extras - High end boards offer premium touches like cargo bungees, grab handles, and padding for comfort.

The Glide Retro line up offers both high-quality inflatable and hard stand up paddle boards perfect for all around recreational paddling. With military grade PVC construction for inflatables and fiberglass hard boards, removable fins, and ample weight capacities, the Glide Retro line up has versatile boards ideal for paddlers across skill levels.

Why Choose An All Around Paddle Board?

After looking at the many merits of an all around inflatable paddle board, you may be wondering - why not just get a dedicated surf or race board? While specialized boards excel in their particular discipline, an all around SUP offers benefits that make it the best choice for most recreational paddlers:

Versatility - By nature, all around boards can handle a wide variety of water conditions. Their enhanced stability makes them ideal for beginners but they also perform well for more advanced paddlers. Paddle on ocean surf, calm lakes, rivers or bays with an all around board.

Accessibility - Quality all around inflatable paddle boards provide a very affordable entry point to the sport, often costing hundreds less than specialized boards. Their convenience and transportability also makes the sport more accessible.

Fun factor - All around boards are designed for maximum fun on the water! Their stability allows you to relax while paddling or even bring along kids or pets. Inflatable boards even let you stash gear for expeditions or chill out and float.

Quality - Premium all around inflatable paddle boards utilize advanced construction and materials for boards that are rigid, lightweight, and extremely durable. This results in a high quality board at a lower cost than solid boards.

Stand Up Paddle Boarding for All.

One of the great aspects of stand up paddle boarding is its accessibility as a sport - with an all around inflatable board, just about anyone can get out on the water. Paddle boarding is a fun activity for individuals, families, couples, and groups of friends. Since stability is a priority, even first-time paddlers find it easy to get up on an all around board. Those new to the sport can gain confidence and skills before deciding if they want to progress to a more performance oriented board. More advanced paddlers appreciate the versatility of all around boards for adventures and varied conditions. And kids especially love the fun of cruising on an SUP board! With an all around paddle board, the benefits and joy of paddle boarding can be enjoyed by all.

Choosing the Right Paddle.

A quality paddle is just as important as the board itself for enjoyable, effective paddling. When selecting your paddle, make sure to get the appropriate length based on your height - paddles should be 6 to 8 inches taller than you. Fiberglass and carbon fiber paddles offer durability and responsiveness. Look for adjustable length options to share with companions. The blade shape and curve will affect paddling characteristics as well - a flatter blade works well for recreational paddling. Getting the right paddle for your needs and skill level will maximize performance and reduce fatigue. Invest in a lightweight, adjustable paddle with either fiberglass or carbon fiber construction.

Getting Started with Your All Around Paddle Board.

One of the great things about stand up paddle boarding is how quick and easy it is to get started! Even complete beginners can be up and paddling in no time. Follow these tips when taking your all around board out for the first few times: Check out this article as well, you got new board now what?

1. Find a calm, flat body of water without waves or current for your first few sessions. Slow moving lakes, rivers or bays are ideal to gain comfort paddling.

2. Use the included high pressure hand pump to inflate your board to the recommended PSI (15 PSI is standard). This will make it very rigid. Use a manometer to check.

3. Attach the fin or fin system - slide in the appropriate configuration for your day's paddling.

4. Wear your leash at all times in case you fall into the water. The ankle leash will keep you tethered to the board.

5. Hold the paddle vertically and keep your core engaged when standing on the board. Take long, full strokes. Relax your knees and ride any wobbles.

6. Start paddling in shallow water to get used to balancing. Once stable, head out into deeper water at a relaxed pace.

7. When done, allow time for your board to dry fully before rolling up and stowing away.

Stand Up Paddle Board Safety Essentials.

While stand up paddle boarding is an extremely safe sport, it's important to adhere to some key precautions. Be sure to follow these essential safety guidelines whenever you head out on your inflatable paddle board:

- Always wear an approved personal flotation device (PFD). In many areas it's required by law. Choose a comfortable, low profile PFD designed specifically for paddle boarding.

- Use the included ankle leash on all paddling sessions. The leash keeps you connected to your board if you fall off.

- Check local regulations - some areas require permits or ban SUP boards from sections. Call your local coast guard for info.

- Know the conditions before you head out - only paddle in safe wind and wave conditions for your skill level.

- Bring a whistle and means to call for help like a phone in a waterproof case. Stay close to shore.

- Apply reef-safe sunscreen and don protective clothing from the sun's rays. Bring enough water to stay hydrated.

- Paddle in a group or let someone know your planned route and time if paddling alone.

- Getting proper instruction will teach you skills and prepare you to handle different conditions safely. Take a class!

By following basic precautions, you can minimize risks and safely enjoy all the benefits and fun of paddle boarding!

Exciting Ways to Utilize Your All Around Inflatable SUP.

One of the great aspects of an all around inflatable paddle board is the sheer number of possibilities it unlocks. Here are just some of the many exciting activities you can experience with your versatile SUP:

- Sunset paddles - Enjoy peaceful evening paddling as the sun dips behind the horizon.

- Fitness - Improve core strength, balance and cardio with a vigorous paddle. SUP yoga is also a popular option.

- Sightseeing - Glide through areas only accessible from the water and enjoy nature.

- Fishing - Mount a cooler and rod holders to transform your SUP into a mobile fishing craft.

- Camping - Inflatable boards enable paddle-in camping adventures and open up remote sites.

- Downwinders - Catch ocean winds for a thrill ride on coastal waters.

- Trips - Pack your deflated SUP in your car or plane - water fun anywhere you travel!

- Racing - Test your speed against others in friendly tournaments and races.

- Surfing - Ride small ocean waves or inland SUP surf parks with an all around board.

- Wildlife encounters - Get a whole new perspective paddling alongside marine life.

- Photography - Capture stunning low-angle perspectives directly from your stable SUP platform.

The possibilities are truly endless with an inflatable paddle board! Let your imagination run wild and discover new adventures awaiting you.

Final Thoughts.

For versatility, convenience, affordability and pure fun, an all around stand up paddle board is tough to beat. Their stability makes them ideal for beginners but they perform admirably across a wide range of paddling environments. Inflatable sups are compact and lightweight when deflated, and inflatable SUPs enhance portability and storage. Premium boards utilize advanced materials and construction for a fraction of the cost of solid boards. For paddlers looking to access the joy and benefits of paddling across varied settings, all around inflatable paddle boards are the perfect choice. With the right board, paddle, skills and safety precautions, everyone from complete novices to advanced paddlers can experience the thrill of stand up paddle boarding.