02 Quest Inflatable Touring Paddle Board Package

33 reviews
$ 899

Imagine hiking into a picturesque lake with your Quest touring board strapped to your back. You pump up your board and then let its sleek design cut effortlessly through that smooth water as you explore the backcountry that most will never witness.


Paddle Board
  • Length 12’6
  • Width 30"
  • Thickness 6”
  • Volume 320 L
  • Weight
  • Weight Cap 400 lbs
  • Fitness/yoga


  • Maneuverabilty


  • Speed


  • Stability


Imagine hiking into a picturesque lake with your Quest touring board strapped to your back. You pump up your board and then let its sleek design cut effortlessly through that smooth water as you explore the backcountry that most will never witness.



Height: 12’6” 

Width: 30”

Weight: 23lbs

Thickness: 6”

Tail Width:10in

Composition: Quadruple Layer Military Grade PVC – Woven Drop Stich Core

Weight limit: 400 lbs 



Leash Length:10’ 

Paddle Length/weight: 71in-85in, 2 lbs

Paddle Composition: Fiberglass with ABS blade

Pump Features: 2 Speed, Dual Action

Fins: Dolphin style center fin

Total Package Weight: 41lbs


Bag Dimension: 34in x 16in x 10in

Front Pocket Dimension: 26in x 5in x 10in

Weight of Package in Backpack: 37lbs


Customers buy this board:

  • They are an experienced paddler that wants a board that they can use on flatwater to cover long distances.
  • They are interested in trying their hand at SUP racing

SUP Disciplines that the board is used for:

  • Calm lakes and bays for flatwater paddling

  • 10’ coiled leash

    The leash is one of the most important pieces of safety gear you can use with your paddleboard. If you do happen to fall of your board your leash will keep you attached to the paddleboard and it allows you to quickly get back on your board. Unlike shorter leashes the 10’ leash gives you full freedom to move around on your board, and the coils keep the leash out of your way and tangle free.

  • 2 Rod Holders

  • Adjustable Paddle

  • Backpack with Rolling Wheels for easy travel

  • Dolphin Style Fin

    9” dolphin style fin compatible with all USA style fin box. USA fin boxes are the universal standard of fin boxes used in SUP and Surfboards.

  • Double Action Hand Pump

    Easy inflation of your paddle board to the recommended 12 PSI is possible with the help of our dual-action, high-pressure hand pump.

    Dual-action pumping, which inflates on both the pull and the push motion of the pump, will allow you to get out on the water in a short amount of time without worry about where to plug in an electric pump.

  • High-capacity SUP Pump

  • iSUP Wheeled Travel Bag

    Our premium travel backpack has space for your inflatable paddle board, break down paddle, pump, leash, and fins. It also has enough additional space for essentials like water and snacks.

    This Inflatable SUP Backpack was created with the goal of making transporting and storing your board as simple as possible.

  • Kayak Seat and Carry Strap

    When you want to take a break from standing our paddleboards come with a kayak seat that quickly attaches to the boards D rings. The paddled seat has a large zipper pocket on the rear of the backrest.

  • Repair Kit

  • Three piece adjustable paddle

    A lightweight and robust performance three-piece breakdown paddle that offers the superb energy transfer and power of the fiberglass shaft along with the durability of the ABS blade. This paddle can be broken down into three separate pieces for easy transport and storage. The adjustable length makes it easy so paddlers of any size can have the ideal length for their needs in a matter of seconds.

Customer Reviews

Based on 33 reviews
Richard Appel

I do love the board. I have been paddling for about 6 years. I had a Similar type board but it was a little thinner then 6 inch thick which I Prefer because it didn’t catch the wind blow around as much as the 6 inch. Also while removing the skag which is a different system then I am use to I pulled from the top of the slag towards me and the Skaggs came up and hit me in the lip leaving a cut and bruise. I will have to be careful the next time. Other then that I feel that this board is hopefully made to last and just what I was looking for. Although the seat leaves a little to be desired.

James Maddox
Not sure yet about this board

Went on one ride to teach our granddaughter how to ride. She did very well and rode half way across the lake with no falls. During my 10 minute ride I did not think this board was very stable…

Jennifer F.

I've been waiting on all winter to get out on my Glide. Finally did this weekend and am super happy!

Marshall Larson
Perfect Experience!

My Quest ISUP arrived quickly and everything was included with the package. The board is beautiful and I don't see any defects. I had questions before I bought it and they answered immediately. Totally recommend!

W. Harris-Marcus
Nice touring board

I really like the shape of this. My other board is more of a surf shape so I really like this one for long paddles.

Total: $ 899