Where to paddle board

Where to paddle board
  • Mar 23, 2021

Best Places to SUP in Washington State

The Evergreen State is one truly not one to miss as you do your SUP tour of the US. The beauty of the state is truly breathtaking and there is no better way to take it in than the unique vantage point a stand up paddle board gives you.

  • Mar 11, 2021

Scenic Stand Up Paddle Boarding In New York

Everyone knows there's a lot to do in New York State, but it's not all concrete jungles. There are plenty of places to go Stand-Up Paddle Boarding.  Whether you have your own paddle board to bring or you need a rental, we have laid out the best of both worlds just for you.

  • Mar 6, 2021

Unique Spots to Paddle Board in Florida

We're here to tell you as experienced Floridas paddlers- all the places you should SUP in the Sunshine State that will not only give you the unique view of paddling, great photos, but also not be insanely crowded. Key Highlights Crystal River: Offers a unique paddleboarding experience with clear springs, lush wildlife, and the chance to paddle with manatees in a labyrinth of rivers and lakes. Rentals and guided tours are available for an up-close encounter with nature. Coastal Dune Lakes: Rare natural phenomena found in South Walton, offering a mix of fresh and saltwater ecosystems. Paddle through ancient dunes and lakes that occasionally merge with the ocean, providing a unique brackish water experience. Rainbow River: Known for its crystal-clear waters fed by natural springs, offering a serene paddleboarding journey with views of underwater wildlife. The constant flow provides an easy paddle for beginners and a scenic route for all levels. Weeki Wachee River: Famous for its mermaid shows and crystal-clear spring water, this river provides a picturesque paddle through Florida's natural beauty, with opportunities to see a wide array of wildlife. Ichetucknee River: A winter paradise for paddleboarders, offering peaceful waters, abundant birdlife, and clear springs. This river offers a quiet escape into Florida's pristine natural landscapes, ideal for those seeking tranquility on the water.

  • Feb 24, 2021

Hidden Gems to Paddle Board in California

California has lot of options for your SUP adventures, but we're here to give you the skinny on our absolute favorite paddle boarding spots that won't be as crowded. Key Highlights Tenaya Lake in Yosemite National Park: A serene alpine lake offering crystal-clear waters and breathtaking mountain reflections, perfect for a tranquil paddle boarding experience. Lake Almanor: Nestled between two national forests, this vast reservoir boasts clear waters and stunning scenery, making it an ideal destination for paddlers seeking peace and natural beauty. Big Bear Lake: A pristine mountain lake in the San Bernardino Mountains offering clear waters, abundant wildlife, and numerous coves to explore, perfect for paddlers of all skill levels. Mokelumne River: Offers a flatwater paddling experience through scenic foothills and canyons, with abundant wildlife and tranquil waters. Lake Natoma: Known for its calm waters and scenic beauty, Lake Natoma is a paddle boarding haven for enthusiasts seeking a peaceful escape on the water.

  • Feb 22, 2021

Best Places to Paddle Board in Texas

Texas has various places you can paddle, but we'll give you a honest run-down of the best places that are guaranteed to be a successful paddle boarding trip.

  • Dec 7, 2013

Whitewater Paddling in Alberton Gorge, Montana

River paddleboard sesh in Big Sky Country. Key Highlights Alberton Gorge Adventure: Dive into the heart of Montana's whitewater paddleboarding scene with Glide's 2014 river boards, tested in the exhilarating waters of Alberton Gorge. Expert Insight: Matt Rusher, Glide's Northwest Rep, expertly navigates the challenging rapids, showcasing the thrill and skill involved in river paddleboarding. Captivating Imagery: Seth Warren of Elements Mixed Media brings the adventure to life with stunning photography, including an image featured in Red Bull's "Best of SUP." Paddleboarding Excellence: Explore what makes Alberton Gorge a premier destination for paddleboard enthusiasts seeking to test their limits against the rushing waters. Educational Tips and Gear Guide: Gain valuable insights with pre-season paddleboarding tips, safety equipment advice, and a comparison between hardboard and inflatable boards, alongside a rundown of common beginners' mistakes.