General Paddle Board Information

General Paddle Board Information
  • Mar 16, 2022

Boating Under the Influence: Can you get a DUI on a SUP?

Having a beer on a warm day while you lazily paddle around a lake sounds like a fun time but could it get you into legal trouble? What exactly are the laws when it comes to paddling under the influence? Can you get a BUI (boating under the influence) on a paddle board and is it the same as getting a DUI while driving? I’ve looked into it and I’ll share what I found in this post.

  • Mar 9, 2022

Embrace the Wave: The Ultimate Guide to Paddle Boarding

When purchasing a paddle board there are many options to consider.  Figuring out what you are looking for in a paddle board is the key.

  • Mar 4, 2022

Exciting SUP Activities to Elevate Your Paddle Boarding Experience

Paddle boarding is awesome, especially during your first forays into the sport when even being able to stand up on your board is exciting and new. Once you get the hang of things, it’s time to unlock your full SUP potential. There are tons of exciting things that you can do on your SUP and all you need to do is go out and try them. Here are some of our team’s favorites.

  • Mar 3, 2022

A Comprehensive Guide to SUP Yoga

SUP yoga has exploded in popularity in recent years. Find out it's origins, what to look for in a yoga SUP board and some routines to get you started.  

  • Feb 24, 2022

How All Around Paddle Boarding Saved my Mental Health During Covid

When Covid struck, we were all faced with isolation and loneliness.  Who would have thought that a paddle board could have been the cure for so much of society's challenges?

  • Feb 17, 2022

The Ultimate Glide Experience: Touring SUP Unveiled

Touring SUP is for a different breed of stand up paddle board adventurer - those that are big on exploration.  Learn everything you know about this SUP discipline and start exploring the waterways near you.

  • Feb 11, 2022

Everything You Need to Know About Flat Water Paddle Boarding

Stand Up Paddle Boarding comes with a lot of lingo and paddlers with an intense love for all things paddle boards. It can become intimidating to ask, and we're here to help you skip that step! Here's everything you need to know about flat water paddle boarding.

  • Feb 9, 2022

Everything You Need to Know About All-Around Paddle Boards

There are so many different kinds of paddle boards that are out there nowadays and hearing about an "All-Around" board might sound too good to be true.  We're here to answer any and all questions you have about what that means and what they can do.

  • Feb 6, 2022

Exploring with a Touring SUP: Your Guide to Adventure

Whether you're looking at hard touring paddle boards like the Glide Quest or the inflatable O2 Quest, our touring design has been modified over time to be the best distillation of what we think a tourer should be. Both versions are ultra-durable, and will last indefinitely with proper care. Start your touring adventure off with the best SUP for the job.

  • Feb 5, 2022

Why Kids Should SUP

All those screens your kids are watching, are hurting their development.  Find out all the ways a paddle board can help your kids. Stand up paddling is the antidote to the modern world.

  • Feb 4, 2022

Unlocking the Benefits of Wide Paddle Boards

Is a wide paddle board better for beginners? How wide should I go?  Is wider always better, and can I fit through the Panama canal on a really wide board?  Answers to these questions and more are down below.

  • Feb 3, 2022

Winter Stand Up Paddling for Flatwater

So those are the pointers for enjoying flatwater SUP in the winter. As always, evaluate your abilities and your determination to succeed before trying winter paddling. It’s not for everybody but if you’ve made it this far then I think it’s for you.

  • Jan 30, 2022

5 Benefits Of Paddle Board Yoga

Paddleboard yoga, or SUP Yoga, has experienced a significant surge in popularity, emerging as a distinctive and enriching practice that blends the tranquility of yoga with the invigorating challenge of stand-up paddleboarding. This fusion introduces a new dimension to wellness and fitness, offering an array of benefits that extend well beyond the confines of a traditional yoga studio. At Glide Paddleboards, we're proud to provide high-quality, durable boards that serve as the perfect platform for both newcomers and seasoned practitioners looking to enrich their SUP Yoga experience.

  • Jan 27, 2022

Paddle Boarding is the Perfect Socially Distant Activity

COVID has changed the world. It's made it hard to feel safe doing many summer activities. Paddleboarding is the perfect socially distant activity and here's why.

  • Jan 21, 2022

The Ultimate Guide to Selecting Your Ideal Paddle Board

You have discovered a new love for stand up paddle boarding and you want to purchase a paddle board for yourself but there are so many choices.  Let us walk you through the process methodically.

  • Jan 14, 2022

The Versatility of SUP

Stand-up paddleboarding (SUP) is a multifaceted sport that has captured the hearts of water enthusiasts worldwide due to its incredible versatility. Unlike kayaks or canoes, SUP boards enable a vast array of activities, blending adventure, fitness, and relaxation into one engaging experience. Here’s a closer look at the diverse possibilities SUP offers, highlighting the unique advantages of incorporating this activity into your lifestyle, with Glide Paddleboards serving as an exemplary choice for those seeking quality and performance.