The Best Places to Paddle Board in Every State of the USA

Welcome to the thrilling world of paddle boarding in the United States! If you're searching for the perfect locations to indulge in this popular water sport, you've come to the right place. The United States is blessed with an abundance of breathtaking waterways, coastlines, and lakes that are ideal for paddle boarding enthusiasts of all levels. Whether you're seeking serene and peaceful surroundings or craving a more exhilarating adventure, the United States has it all. Join us as we embark on a journey to discover the top paddle boarding destinations across this vast and diverse country. Get ready to paddle, explore, and create unforgettable memories in the magnificent landscapes that the United States has to offer.

Key Highlights:

  1. Coast to Coast Adventures: Discover paddle boarding spots from the tranquil Gulf Coast in Alabama to the majestic lakes of Alaska, showcasing the diversity of the United States.
  2. Desert to Mountains: Experience the unique landscapes of Arizona's deserts and Colorado's alpine lakes, offering a variety of paddle boarding backgrounds.
  3. Cultural Richness: Navigate the bayous of Louisiana and the historic Chesapeake Bay in Maryland, immersing yourself in rich cultural settings.
  4. Oceanic Explorations: Ride the waves in Hawaii, paddle the serene seacoast of New Hampshire, and explore California's diverse coastline.
  5. Environmental Commitment: Glide Paddle Boards' focus on sustainability promotes eco-friendly paddle boarding, aligning with the preservation of America's natural beauty.

  1. Alabama:

    Paddleboard along the Gulf Coast's calm waters, exploring beautiful coastal scenery and encountering diverse marine life. For where to go paddle boarding in Alabama we have you covered.

  2. Alaska:

    Experience the awe-inspiring beauty of Alaska's glacial lakes and pristine rivers while paddleboarding, surrounded by majestic mountains and wildlife. Check out our guide on where to paddle board in Alaska.

  3. Arizona:

    Discover the unique thrill of paddleboarding in desert oasis locations like Lake Havasu or the Salt River, where you can soak up the warm sun and admire stunning desert landscapes. The best places to paddle board in Arizona can be found here!

  4. Arkansas:

    Explore the serene lakes and tranquil rivers of Arkansas, perfect for paddleboarding enthusiasts seeking a peaceful escape amidst lush forests and charming small towns. Check out this article for the best spots to sup adventure in Arkansas.

  5. California:

    With its diverse coastline, California offers endless opportunities for paddleboarding, from riding ocean waves in Southern California to exploring picturesque lakes in the Sierra Nevada mountains. We have all the best spots to sup in California in this article.

  6. Colorado:

    Paddleboard across the crystal-clear alpine lakes of Colorado, surrounded by towering peaks and breathtaking mountain scenery. Check out where to paddle board in Colorado in this article.

  7. Connecticut:

    Enjoy a leisurely paddleboard adventure along the Connecticut coastline, where you can explore charming coastal towns, historic lighthouses, and scenic waterfronts. Glide Paddle Boards has the guide to paddle boarding in Connecticut right here.

  8. Delaware:

    Experience the calm waters of Delaware's inland bays or the Delaware River, ideal for paddleboarding while enjoying serene nature and spotting coastal wildlife. Our blog where to paddle board in Delaware can be found here.

  9. Florida:

    Embrace the Sunshine State's paddleboarding paradise, with its endless miles of coastline, stunning beaches, and diverse ecosystems teeming with marine life. Check out where to paddle board in Florida for the state's top paddle boarding destinations.

  10. Georgia:

    Paddleboard through the enchanting marshes and coastal rivers of Georgia, immersing yourself in the state's rich natural beauty and abundant wildlife. Let's take a moment to check out where to paddle board in Georgia.

  1. Hawaii:

    Experience the ultimate paddleboarding adventure in Hawaii, where you can ride the gentle waves of Waikiki Beach, explore hidden coves along the Na Pali Coast, or paddle alongside sea turtles in the crystal-clear waters of Maui. Glide's guide on where to paddle board in Hawaii has you covered.

  2. Idaho:

    Discover the tranquility of paddleboarding on Idaho's pristine mountain lakes, surrounded by untouched wilderness and breathtaking panoramic views. For where to paddle board in Idaho this article has you covered.

    1. Illinois:

    Navigate the calm waters of Illinois' picturesque lakes and rivers, enjoying a peaceful paddleboard excursion amidst scenic landscapes and vibrant foliage. This article will take you through the best spots to paddle board in Illinois.

  3. Indiana:

    Explore Indiana's numerous lakes and reservoirs, offering paddleboarders a chance to connect with nature, enjoy water sports, and witness stunning sunsets. If you are looking to paddle board in Indiana we have you covered in this article.

  4. Iowa:

    Embark on a paddleboard journey through Iowa's serene lakes and winding rivers, immersing yourself in the state's idyllic countryside and spotting abundant wildlife. With Glides guide to where to paddle board in Iowayou are sure to have a blast.

  5. Kansas:

    While Kansas may be landlocked, its reservoirs and man-made lakes provide ample opportunities for paddleboarding, allowing you to enjoy peaceful waters and stunning sunsets. Forget the yellow brick road, lets find some waterways to paddle board in Kansas with this exciting article.

  6. Kentucky:

    Discover the beauty of Kentucky's expansive lakes and winding rivers while paddleboarding, surrounded by lush greenery, limestone cliffs, and peaceful natural surroundings. Kentucky is a great spot for paddle boarding as shown in Glide's article Where to paddle board in Kentucky.

  7. Louisiana:

    Dive into Louisiana's bayous and wetlands on a paddleboard, immersing yourself in the state's unique Cajun culture and encountering fascinating wildlife along the way. Laissez les bons temps rouler with Glide Paddle Boards guide to where to paddle board in Louisiana.

  8. Maine:

    Experience the rugged charm of Maine's coastal regions as you paddleboard along picturesque shores, rocky cliffs, and explore hidden coves in search of marine life. for the main spots to paddleboard in Maine check out Glide's article right here.

  9. Maryland:

    Discover the Chesapeake Bay's vast waterways on a paddleboard, explore historic waterfront towns, spot migratory birds, and experience the rich maritime heritage of Maryland. for more spots to paddle board in Maryland then look no further than this article.

  1. Massachusetts:

    Paddleboard in Massachusetts and enjoy a mix of serene lakes, tranquil rivers, and the beautiful Cape Cod coastline, where you can explore charming seaside towns and soak up the New England charm. Explore where to paddle board in Massachusetts with Glide Paddle Boards.

  2. Michigan:

    With its abundance of freshwater lakes, Michigan offers endless paddleboarding opportunities, from the expansive Great Lakes to smaller inland lakes, allowing you to experience the state's natural beauty and vibrant beach culture. find lakes and more in this guide on where to paddle board in Michigan.

  3. Minnesota:

    Embark on a paddleboarding adventure in Minnesota's "Land of 10,000 Lakes," where you can navigate pristine waters, encounter abundant wildlife, and revel in the state's picturesque forests and charming lakeside towns. Minnesota's best places to paddle board can be found here.

  4. Mississippi:

    Explore the meandering waterways of Mississippi's Gulf Coast and its tranquil lakes, where you can paddleboard amidst the region's rich history, diverse ecosystems, and southern hospitality. Go through this guide on where to paddle board in Mississippi for the best spots in the state.

  5. Missouri:

    Experience the scenic beauty of Missouri's rivers and lakes while paddleboarding, surrounded by rolling hills, limestone bluffs, and the state's unique blend of Ozark culture and natural wonders. Glide's guide to where to paddle board in Missouri is sure to get you stoked to get on the water.

  6. Montana:

    Paddleboard on Montana's pristine mountain lakes, including the iconic Glacier National Park, where you can immerse yourself in the untouched wilderness and marvel at breathtaking vistas. Want to know where to go paddle boarding in Montana? We have the low down on the hot spots to sup right here.

  7. Nebraska:

    Discover the hidden gem of paddleboarding in Nebraska's Platte River or the Sandhills' picturesque lakes, providing opportunities to connect with nature, enjoy serene waters, and observe diverse wildlife. Where to paddle board in Nebraska can be found here.

  8. Nevada:

    While known for its deserts, Nevada offers paddleboarding adventures on its stunning alpine lakes, such as Lake Tahoe, where you can paddle amidst breathtaking mountain scenery and crystal-clear waters. Glide's guide on where to paddle board in Nevada is a sure bet for a great time on the water.

  9. New Hampshire:

    Explore New Hampshire's serene lakes and rivers on a paddleboard, surrounded by the state's idyllic landscapes, charming small towns, and the vibrant colors of fall foliage. Check out this article on where to paddle board in New Hampshire for an epic time on the water.

  10. New Jersey:

    From the picturesque Jersey Shore to the tranquil lakes and rivers of the Pine Barrens, New Jersey provides diverse paddleboarding experiences, blending coastal beauty with serene inland waterways. Forget staying in and watching the Jersey shore, get out and explore the best spots to paddle board in New Jersey with Glide Paddle Boards guide to the best places to paddle board in New Jersey.

  1. New Mexico:

    Paddleboard in New Mexico's scenic lakes and reservoirs, nestled amidst the state's breathtaking desert landscapes, offering a unique blend of water sports and Southwestern charm. We wont have you breaking bad with our ultimate guide on where to paddle board in New Mexico.

  2. New York:

    Experience the exhilaration of paddleboarding in New York, from exploring the iconic waterways of New York City to gliding along the serene Finger Lakes or the majestic Hudson River. Friends don't let friends paddle board in New York with out checking out these two articles, Exploring the Best Paddle boarding in New York and scenic stand-up paddle boarding in New York.

  3. North Carolina:

    Discover North Carolina's coastal beauty while paddleboarding along the Outer Banks, where you can ride Atlantic swells, explore barrier islands, and witness stunning sunrises over the ocean. find out where to paddle board in North Carolina with Glide paddle boards.

  4. North Dakota:

    Paddleboard on North Dakota's peaceful lakes and winding rivers, embracing the state's serene natural surroundings, picturesque prairies, and enchanting badlands. Welcome to Where to paddle board in North Dakota.

  5. Ohio:

    Enjoy a paddleboard adventure on Ohio's scenic lakes and rivers, connecting with nature, discovering charming waterfront towns, and indulging in water activities amidst the state's diverse landscapes. SUP like a locale with this guide.

  6. Oklahoma:

    Navigate Oklahoma's picturesque lakes and reservoirs on a paddleboard, immersing yourself in the state's beautiful scenery, encountering wildlife, and experiencing the warm hospitality of its communities. Where to paddle board in Oklahoma can be found here.

  7. Oregon:

    Oregon offers a paddleboarding paradise, with its stunning coastline, pristine lakes, and scenic rivers, allowing you to explore rugged cliffs, tranquil waterways, and the natural wonders of the Pacific Northwest. Check out where to sup in Oregon with this guide.

  8. Pennsylvania:

    Paddleboard in Pennsylvania's tranquil lakes and winding rivers, surrounded by picturesque landscapes, dense forests, and historic sites, offering a serene escape from the bustling cities. You can find the state's paddle boarding hot spots here.

  9. Rhode Island:

    Discover the charm of paddleboarding in Rhode Island, known as the Ocean State, where you can explore scenic coastal lagoons, picturesque harbors and indulge in the state's rich maritime heritage. Discover the best spots to sup in Rhode Island with Glide Paddle Boards.

  10. South Carolina:

    Embrace the Lowcountry charm while paddleboarding in South Carolina, exploring scenic marshes, meandering rivers, and the beautiful coastline, accompanied by Southern hospitality and rich history. South Carolina has some great spots to paddle board check them out here.

  1. South Dakota:

    Paddleboard in South Dakota's serene lakes and rivers, surrounded by the state's natural wonders like the majestic Black Hills, enchanting Badlands, and the iconic Missouri River. for the best spots to paddle board in South Dakota check out this article.

  2. Tennessee:

    Experience the beauty of paddleboarding in Tennessee, from gliding on the peaceful waters of the Great Smoky Mountains' lakes to exploring the scenic rivers that wind through the state's lush forests. Tennessee's best paddle boarding locations or this article is a great read with awesome spots to SUP.

  3. Texas:

    Texas offers diverse paddleboarding opportunities, from cruising along the tranquil Gulf Coast to exploring the state's inland lakes and rivers, providing a blend of coastal charm and Lone Star State adventure. Texas has some amazing spots to paddle board, Glide has two great articles to help you find the right spot to sup in Texas. Where to paddle board in Texas and best places to paddle board in Texas.

  4. Utah:

    Discover the unique paddleboarding experiences Utah has to offer, from floating on the calm waters of stunning desert reservoirs like Lake Powell to exploring the otherworldly landscapes of places like Moab's Colorado River. From the greatest snow on earth to the best waterways we will help you find the best places to paddle board in Utah. Your ultimate guide to the best paddle boarding spots in Utah and SUP Causey Reservoir.

  5. Vermont:

    Enjoy paddleboarding in Vermont's pristine lakes, surrounded by lush green mountains, charming small towns, and the state's renowned fall foliage, creating a serene and picturesque setting. Check out Glide's guide on where to paddle board in Vermont.

  6. Virginia:

    Paddleboard along Virginia's scenic coastline, including the Chesapeake Bay and Atlantic Ocean, or explore the tranquil waters of the state's rivers and lakes, soaking up the natural beauty and rich history. Let's plan an epic trip with Glide's guide to where to paddle board in Virginia.

  7. Washington:

    Washington State beckons paddleboard enthusiasts with its breathtaking options, from the tranquil waters of Puget Sound to the iconic beauty of Lake Washington or the wild rivers of the Olympic Peninsula. For some great spots to paddle board check out our guide on where to paddle board in Washington.

  8. West Virginia:

    Experience the thrill of paddleboarding in West Virginia's rivers and lakes, surrounded by the state's stunning Appalachian Mountains, offering a blend of adventure, scenic beauty, and Appalachian culture. Check out the 6 best spots to paddle board in West Virginia.

  9. Wisconsin:

    Explore Wisconsin's numerous lakes and waterways on a paddleboard, surrounded by lush forests, charming lake towns, and the state's signature blend of natural beauty and Midwest hospitality. Look no further for the best spots to paddle board in Wisconsin than this guide.

  10. Wyoming:

    Paddleboard in Wyoming's pristine mountain lakes and reservoirs, surrounded by the state's awe-inspiring landscapes, including the majestic Teton Range, Yellowstone National Park, and the Big Horn Mountains. Wyoming's best places to paddle board can be found here.


    The United States vast and diverse geography provides endless opportunities for paddleboarding adventures. From the stunning coastlines of Hawaii and California to the picturesque lakes in Montana and Minnesota, Glide Paddle Boards can be your trusted companion in exploring these breathtaking destinations. The company's commitment to quality, performance, and innovation ensures that paddleboarders of all levels can fully enjoy their experience, whether they are beginners or seasoned professionals.

    Furthermore, Glide Paddle Boards' dedication to environmental sustainability aligns with the United States' increasing focus on protecting and preserving its natural resources. By promoting eco-friendly practices and using materials that minimize environmental impact, Glide contributes to the preservation of the country's pristine waters and landscapes for future generations of paddleboarders to enjoy. Check out the ultimate guide on finding places to paddle board near you for tips and tricks on finding new and exciting places near you! Or do you want some more global ideas? If so our article Epic Spots Globally To Paddle Board is for you!